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Lectures with Dr. Liu Yafei

Nei Yang Gong Qigong has a long history in the ancient times of China. In modern medical qigong, it was the first to be used in China in a clinical setting treating many chronic illnesses successfully. The first medical qigong training base, established in 1940 by Dr. Liu Guizhen,  Hebei Medical Qigong Hospital, also referred to as Beidaihe Qigong Rehabilitation Sanitarium, used Nei Yang Gong as their primary treatment. The hospital moved to a new location in 1956, where it is today. It is an excellent program for both qigong and taijiquan. It offers programs for the beginner to the healthcare practitioners!

Nei Yang Gong is taught in  Japan, France and Germany. Europeans have been traveling to the hospital/school in China for training for many years! Dr. Liu Yafei and Mr. Feng Yijian also travel to Europe to teach. It is used in Germany’s healthcare system.

Here is in the US, it is offered in both Hawaii and Montana with the The International Qigong Foundation, Inc. Karen Nesbitt, director, has trained at the hospital/school in China for the past 14 years and teaches here in the US. All programs are modeled after the programs in China. The foundation also brings teachers from the school in China to the US.

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